Applying Ecosystem Thinking in Carbon Tech

We need to rapidly scale up the technologies on carbon capture, utilization, and storage to help stop global warming and prevent catastrophes (and also unlock huge opportunities). One way to make that happen is by creating a healthy and productive ecosystem of carbon-related businesses and organizations. This is similar to natural ecosystems with rich interaction,Continue reading “Applying Ecosystem Thinking in Carbon Tech”

Understanding Ecosystems

To understand ecosystems, I have to learn what’s in them (organisms, land, water, air) and what’s happening (water cycle, climate and weather, disturbances such as storms and floods, flow of organisms, material, nutrients, and energy). There’s also the complex interactions among all those things which make ecosystems continuously changing. It’s important to learn those interactionsContinue reading “Understanding Ecosystems”

Why Environmental Management Requires an Interdisciplinary Approach

To help manage the environment, I have to understand a bit about the natural and social sciences. This is what I’ve been learning through the Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management program of the University of the Philippines Open University (as of April 2021). About the natural sciences, I’ve been learning about what happensContinue reading “Why Environmental Management Requires an Interdisciplinary Approach”

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